Project: Comic Con!

After a year hiatus, Project: Comic Con came back this year and brought Super Heroines, Etc. as their official non profit partner!

Beyond thrilled upon discovering their theme of the year was Women Creators in Comics, I spoke with Steve Falcon, a founder and organizer, and we agreed this partnership would be the perfect fit.

Working with my insanely talented, driven, and supportive co-organizers from Super Heroines, Etc., we developed several events that we would facilitate over the weekend: four panels, a documentary screening and talkback, and a Cosplayer’s Fashion Show!

When the weekend arrived, I donned my Mad Moxxi face and was on the scene signing people up for the Fashion Show, moderating panels, and selling tickets. It was an absolute blast! As exhausted as I was on the other end (maybe or maybe not having disappeared for a few moments to recoup my energy and taking a week to bounce back ^^), I discovered my absolute love for working the crowd and emceeing.


Fashion Show 1MC 1

Rockette Raccoon Cosplay emceeing the Cosplayer’s Fashion Show. Photo taken by Todd Heilman.

Although we opened registration for the show early, complete with discount for Project: Comic Con tickets, we had a modest amount of folks signed up. The day of, we managed to get about 20 more participants for the show, and everyone was completely fabulous! Of course, once I realized we had near 30 cosplayers and still needed to get butts in the seats, I abandoned my registry clip board for a bucket of candy and handfuls of tickets.

As we switched the room over, organizing seating and the sound system, a crowd gathered at the door and a beautiful, beautiful line began to form! The Fashion Show was an outstanding success, and we even worked in a bingo game where folks would mark off cosplay props or costumes on their bingo cards to win prizes. Everyone was really enthusiastic and it was beyond fun!


Fashion Show
The Cosplayers of the first Cosplayer’s Fashion Show! Photo taken by Todd Heilman.


After the Fashion Show, it was time for our panels: Achievement Unlocked! (promoting and profiting from your passion), Cosplay Bombshells (how to up your cosplay game and the idea that cosplay is not consent), Creating Safer Spaces (how to make the community safer and more inviting to everyone), and the classic Geek Feminism (what is it and why does it matter).


Geek Feminism 2
Marissa Roe, Sarah Pritchard, and Fox Smith speaking on the Geek Feminism Panel. Photo taken by Todd Erwin.

The panels went well, and it was wonderful to open dialog on topics that are really near and dear to me. It was also really heartening to see people engaged and wanting to talk about these things.

For the documentary screening, we partnered with St. Louis County Libraries to show Wonder Women, which follows the trajectory of Wonder Woman against the backdrop of the Women’s Liberation Movement. It is a really well done and fascinating watch, but the really exciting part was following when we (moderated by yours truly) facilitated a talk back with Susan Kirtley (Director of Comic Studies from Portland State University), Gene Kannenberg Jr. (Professor from Northwestern University), and Trina Robbins (comic artist/writer for over 30 years and featured in the documentary!)

It was such an honor to moderate the panel, and following Trina called me back to tell me how much she loved my costume and how well she’d thought I’d done (swoon!)

All in all, it was a completely fantastic experience that I wish could happen all of the time! Awesome costumes, great friends, strong topics, a lovely crowd, and raising money for Super Heroines, Etc…. there is nothing more I could have asked for! Thanks so much to everyone who came out and supported us and to everyone who helped make the dream become a reality!



With PippiStix Full
Rockette Raccoon Cosplay and PippiStix Cosplay

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