For anyone who is unfamiliar, HitRECord is an amazing online artist collaboration community of musicians, visual artists, actors, performers, animators, and more all sharing and working on projects. Below are a couple pieces that I added vocals to. Enjoy and visit HitRECord.org!   As Time Fades Hidden Fragments of Color Untold Story Heart Fluttered Blues

Madam Fox and the Hounds

Madam Fox and the Hounds was the blues band that played from 2010 until 2012 at various festivals, venues, and events around St. Louis and headed up by yours truly.   Cherry Red (live) Cold, Cold Feeling (live) Do I Move You (live) I Love the Way You Love (live) I Never Loved a Man […]


Jetpack was a band based out of St. Louis that rocked from 2004 until 2009. I was the singer and front woman, and those were good days. Curious? Check out the song links below. Drift Roses